Direct interpreting at conferences, congresses or events of any kind helps interaction and understanding between all parties in communication. AngliaSolution has professionals specialized in consecutive, liaison and simultaneous interpreting as well as remote interpreting.



Thanks to technological advances, 5G and faster internet connection speeds, as well as their widespread use around the world, the doors have been opened to the development of new interpreting methods that make it possible to save travel time, both for the interpreters and the interlocutors. The Covid-19 pandemic just accelerated this process.

Thanks to these advances, we can now guarantee a quality interpretation without the need for the interpreter (or the interlocutors) to be in the same place. This is either simultaneous interpreting or remote consecutive interpreting, depending on the format chosen.

However, minimum technical conditions must be ensured to guarantee the success of the service. In order for everything to run smoothly, it is important that both interlocutors and interpreters have a powerful Internet connection, as well as quality headphones and microphone to ensure optimum sound quality.


Our services are offered for congresses, press conferences, trials, meetings, technical inspections with foreign missions or any other convenient event. We are able to commute to other autonomous communities and other countries.

Ask us about the technical needs to perform the interpretation, we can offer you the technical equipment for this task. Ask us for a free estimate.

Consecutive interpretation

Advisable when the conversation, act or event has to take place between 3 or more people. The interpreter, positioned next to the speakers, takes notes of the content of a few minutes’ speech. The interpreter then reproduces the speech exactly. This technique is ideal for meetings where the accuracy of communication is important, interviews, technical visits, diplomatic negotiations, business meetings, protocol events or official meals.

Liaison interpreting

Similar to consecutive interpreting with the difference that no notes are taken, as it is less accurate. The objective is to convey the essence of a conversation between two or more people. It does not require the use of special audio equipment and is the most suitable for small groups -two interlocutors-.

Simultaneous interpretation

The interpreter translates simultaneously with the speaker. This interpretation is suitable for congresses, meetings, conferences or seminars where fluid and immediate communication is required The simultaneous interpretation reaches the participant instantly. If the duration of the session is more than 2 hours, 2 interpreters will be required to guarantee the quality of the interpretation.